Read with us!

Our Summer teen and adult reading selections are posted below! Kids bring in your school reading charts to earn extra stickers towards the Student of the Day Party and Fall Book Reader Party!
Summer Camp Day 3 Quiet ReadingThe 40 Book Readers Club!
Our SUMMER READING PROGRAM begins June 1!  Every summer we encourage our students and friends to read with us! For every book you read you will receive a stamp.  Once you have 40 stamps you and a friend will be invited to our awesome Book Readers Party in September. Books should be age appropriate. 
This year we are continuing the special summer groups for Adults and Teens.  
Teen Group discussing JEKYLL’S MIRROR (2015) BY WILLIAM HUSSEY (available on Amazon) and THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1886) BY ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON (available free at Project GutenbergParents are always encouraged to read along.  We will allow the teens to discuss with and without us.   Let us know if you will be reading with us!  Some question ideas will be sent out in advance.
***If your son or daughter is an advanced reader under 13 years old, but would like to join us, please speak first with us about the books.*** 
June: Adults Group discussing GET IN TROUBLE (Amazon) by Kelly Link.  Meetings will be towards the end of the month.  Please take a look at the links and see what we’re reading!
July: THROWN by Kerry Howley (Amazon)
August: EUPHORIA by Lily King (Amazon)
All suggestions and genres welcome.
We look forward to reading, learning and growing with you!
Last year we read:
Teens:   The Fault in our Stars by John Green.
The Fault in our Stars
Adults:  The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. Just finished? We still want to hear your thoughts on the book!
The Orphan Master's Son
We welcome your suggestions on new ideas to encourage children to read. Send us your comments on our chosen books!  We’ll use them as part of our discussions. We are open to teen and adult reading group recommendations. All genres welcome!  (They do not have to be martial arts related, but that’s always a bonus!)


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