Celebrating National Healthy Lunch Day!

As Martial Artists we try our best to make good food choices. What we eat is part of our overall self defense!
This Tuesday we are helping to celebrate National Healthy Lunch Day in support of National Diabetes Awareness Month.
According to The American Diabetes Association:
Nearly 30 million children and adults in the United States have diabetes.
Another 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
The American Diabetes Association estimates that the total national cost of diagnosed diabetes in the United States is $245 billion.
American Diabetes Month takes place each November and is a time to come together as a community to Stop Diabetes®!

Stay Safe this Halloween!

halloween tkd pumpkin

Happy Halloween! Please review these super safety tips!

Wisconsin Martial Arts

Please read and share the following Trick or Treat tips! Stay safe this October!

Family Safety Tips for Halloween

Renowned safety authority, Dave Young, offers his top ten family safety tips for Halloween 2014!  Dave Young is the president of Arma Training, US Fighting Systems and Your Family Defense. He has more than 30 years of combined civilian/military law enforcement training and experience. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading tactical trainers for personal survival and safety. Dave has been featured by People magazine, Fox and Friends and CNN. He also hosted National Geographic’s Crash Test Human for three years. Dave has trained the instructors at J.K. Lee for many years.
Halloween is a time for fun but for some it’s unfortunately an opportunity to take advantage of others! It is a time where home invasions, assaults and robberies occur in the open and innocent children…

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Stretching our Boundaries

This year as part of our summer Teen Adventure Camp we went outside of our comfort zone and visited a ropes course with a zip line. Many of our campers were concerned about the heights. We worked together and encouraged each other to do our best! The motto of our Academy is “Pilsung!”, a Korean word roughly translated as “I can do it!”

Part of our martial arts training is practicing perseverance despite fear, worry or doubts.  This is INDOMITABLE SPIRIT, one of our five tenets.


The Movie The Surface and Perseverance

We talk often in class about what it means to be a Black Belt, and how, as children and adults, we strive to make the Tae Kwon Do tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit, an integral part of our daily lives.  Trying to maximize potential is what sets our academy apart from other programs and why it is such a positive complement to every other activity children and adults engage in, from family life, school, work or sports.

Our Principal, Mr. Gendelman, always encourages us to set goals for ourselves and has provided us with an amazing example of living the tenets! He has been involved with martial arts for over 40 years, and 30 of those years also worked as a professional in theater, television and film.

The Surface facebook still

Eighteen years ago he had an inspiring story idea that has developed into what The Surface is today.  As with everything, Mr. Gendelman had high ideals for the screenplay.  He could have sold it or allowed it to be made somewhere else, although it was written for Wisconsin. He could have given up, considering the time involved, effort necessary and countless obstacles, but instead, he persevered and for the last six years he has been actively working late at night to make The Surface happen. He exemplifies the tenets as he continuously faced the numerous setbacks and exhausting challenges of producing a feature film.

The Surface, starring Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings, Rudy, 50 First Dates, The Goonies) and Chris Mulkey (Captain Phillips, CSI, Boardwalk Empire, The Mentalist, 24), was honored as the Closing Night film at the 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival! Congratulations to Mr. Gendelman and everyone who worked on the project.

The film’s incredibly powerful and positive message highlights the importance of friendship. It explores the strength needed to hang on to the next day despite emotional or physical trauma. It’s a story of hope.

The Surface will begin an exclusive release the weekend beginning Friday October 31 at both Marcus Cinemas North Shore and Marcus Cinemas Menomonee Falls. Please check local listings at marcustheatres.com. The movie is currently not rated but will likely be PG 13. There is no sexual content or gratuitous violence.

See the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/user/thesurfacemovie/

You can learn more about The Surface visiting the website at: The Surface Movie